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A Rattling that seems to be coming from the front of a car engine could be an indication of a timing belt problem.

Bongiornos mechanics are experts at diagnosing and fixing all manner of timing belt issues and can have your car back to optimal performance in next to no time.

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Timing belts are important to the correct operation of an automotive engine as they are integral in the proper operation of the crankshaft and cam shaft, ensuring that piston movement and the opening and closing of the valves occur at the correct times for proper operation.

What is a Timing Belt?

The timing belt is so called as it ensures that the crankshaft and camshaft operate in the correct timing with each other, ensuring the proper induction of the air/fuel mixture, compression and combustion of the mix and finally the exhausting of the burnt mixture and preventing parts from colliding with each other.

Bongiornos mechanics can provide timing belt services including replacement, pulley, toothed, chain, change, alignment, water pump and timing belt repairs service.

Why replace a Timing Belt?

Timing belts are often made of rubber, allowing for more compact engine designs and quieter operation. Unfortunately this also means that belts need to be replaced after certain intervals as rubber can stretch and has a specific shelf life. This means that even a car with relatively low kilometres on the clock may still need a timing belt replacement as the rubber can begin to crack and perish with age, even if it is not stretched over time by normal use.

You should always be aware of the recommended replacement interval for any vehicle fitted with a timing belt. Generally speaking, vehicle manufacturers set this interval at around 100,000 km or five years, whichever comes first. In the case of timing belt failure it is generally agreed that prevention is far preferable to cure as the damage to an engine a timing belt failure causes can turn out to be a very expensive operation indeed.

If the belt is not replaced on time it may break or the drive teeth may strip. The camshaft ceases to rotate,leaving some valves open and protruding into the cylinders. Because the crankshaft continues to rotate there is a danger of it pushing the pistons into the valves, bending or even breaking them

Smart vehicle owners should also be aware that some vehicle manufacturers have changed the original replacement interval of timing belt replacements. Good examples of this are the Holden Astra and certain Alfa Romeo models. (Bongiornos are the Serv Auto Alfa Romeo Specialists in Osborne Park and will be able to tellyou which models are affected).

Where should I get a Timing Belt Replacement?

Bongiornos have the skill and experience to properly diagnose and carry out timing belt replacement to a very high degree of satisfaction.

Depending on the model of vehicle being serviced, the timing belt is often located in a hard to get at place and usually involves a certain amount of engine dismantling before it can be fully inspected or replaced. This means you really should get experts in timing belt replacement to do the job as their vast experience will allow them properly diagnose a problem and to do the job much faster if it needs replacing.

What else should be done with the Timing Belt Replacement?

Because a certain amount of engine dismantling is required to change a timing belt, your Bongiornos mechanic may advise you to have a number of other items checked or otherwise taken care of while they are easily accessible.

Such items may include water pumps, Crank and Cam shaft seals, ancillary drive belts, idler pulleys, tensioners and so on, which are in the same general area and are exposed by the dismantling required to get at the timing belt. This is normal and is generally a good call as it will save you money if these items were to need attention down the road.

While it may not seem to be an attractive prospect to have a timing belt changed you should keep in mind that a timing belt failure could have catastrophic effects on the internal working of your engine and will likely end up costing you a lot more in the long run if you simply ignore the problem.

So if you hear a strange rattling noise from under the bonnet it is probably a good idea to get your car into the timing belt experts at Bongiornos in Osborne park to get their advise on your best course of action.

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